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FastLane Venture is the venture capital arm of the FastLane Group specializing in technology driven early stage companies.
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Alex is responsible for the strategic development of FastLane Group.  He is a fellow member of CPA Australia and has over 20 years of professional finance and accounting, corporate finance, and investment experience in the financial services and asset management companies. Alex held regional Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer roles in a number of global financial institutions including at Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, Hong Kong listed company and Asian private equity firm.  He is an active investor for early stage and high growth companies.

Alex So
Robin Wu

Prior to joining Fastlane Venture, Robin has over 10 years experience in investments and has held varying postions across all business functions at award winning investment funds such as Bosvalen (ex-SAC launch), Tree Line Advisors and Ward Ferry (both bottom up fundamental investment fund).

After a successful career in the public investment space, Robin is now spending more focus to align himself with like-minded owner-operators to create a sustainable and rewarding platform that bring a difference to the world. 

A student of value investing, Robin has taken Buffett’s motto to heart, namely that: he is “a better investor because he’s a businessman and he’s a better businessman because he’s an investor”. As such, Robin invests like a business person, operates like an investor and has successfully cultivated businesses of his own.

Group Companies
FastLane Group is a multidisciplinary professional firm offering a comprehensive suite of services from accounting, audit and assurance, taxation, company formation and corporate services, human resources and payroll outsourcing and CFO advisory services. 
Our other member firms:
FastLanePro is a Partner of Xero, supporting hundreds of startups and high growth companies since 2013 on online accounting and corporate services.
FastLane Capital is the CFO advisory servicing division to help companies addressing their growing sophisticated needs on their financial operations, analysis, controls, performance by implementing CFO level oversight and functions
FastLane CPA is a Hong Kong practising professional audit firm registered with Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Hong Kong Government.
FastLane HR is a dedicated specialist team on payroll and HR outsourcing services for a brand spectrum of local and multinational small and medium sized business to ensure our clients complies all aspects of the current regulations and ordinance.

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